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Although Douyin's user data has surpassed Kuaishou and become the first in the short video field, old users know that today's Douyin is no longer the inextricable Douyin last year. The content of the tone is "somewhat boring". 1. The self-lost of Douyin brand In terms of user perception and product positioning, Douyin, the main “music trend” in the early days, is undoubtedly the most accurate. Both the advertising tone and the content features are very distinctive, attracting a large number of young seed users. However, after the rapid growth of users and the breaking

of the communication circle, the connotation of Douyin obviously exceeds the too young categories such as "music" and "trend", and Douyin has also grown from a tool attribute APP to a short video sms marketing service platform; but since then Since then, Douyin has not been able to clearly tell the public that Douyin's self-advocacy. Compared with Kuaishou slogan, which believes in user equality, "recording your life and recording you", Douyin's "recording a good life" is too widespread

and not so credible. If you compare the content on Douyin today, you can find that Douyin is far from "recording a good life". Separated from the strong top-level design, Douyin seems to be believing in Ma Yourein. When Douyin announced the brand upgrade last year, I expressed disappointment and doubt in the article " After the brand upgrade, such Douyin has no soul ".



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